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Change! This is one very controversial word. People would always say I would change, but almost always don’t specify if it is going to be positive or negative. Nigeria voted for change, but we still are not sure of the kind of change we are getting. Now to the main content of this write up: …

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To the single ladies, do you see a couple and just wonder “how did this woman know this would be her husband”? Well I have, a lot. I have met most women who would say the moment they started dating their husband (then boyfriend) they knew they would marry him. Some would even say the …

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In the history of break ups, no one ever broke up because someone loves them “too much”, people often find silly excuses to cover their true motive, excuses such as “you’re too good for me i don’t deserve you” or “there was no breathing space” or “you made me block my family and lose true …

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People often ‘fall in love’ with someone they thought is their to-be life partner without necessarily knowing whether they’re compatible or not. Love and compatibility are often mistaken for the other, but they’re not the same thing. The strategy that many people use to determine who their life partner should-be is “feelings”. This neglects the …

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