Top 10 Tips For Finding The Wedding Photographer Of Your Dreams!
  1. Carry Out Your ResearchYou can start by reading reviews on websites and blogs. Check out photos from weddings they’ve covered. Do you like them? Do they speak to you? Keep in mind the photos and in some cases, videos you see have been subjected to editing. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Is the feedback positive?  Make a list of photographers whose pictures you like and move onto the next step.
  2. Cost/BudgetYour budget helps you narrow your list down. Be aware of the fact that high prices do not necessarily mean the best quality. Be firm and clear on your budget. Don’t compromise quality for cost. Photographers often offer different packages for different budgets. It helps to understand what you can get with your budget.
  3. RecommendationsAsk your friends and family about the photographers they have hired to cover their weddings. The advice and tips they give you should not be the basis of your final decision but a sort of filter to help you make the right choice and narrow your list further. Good photographers usually have positive reviews/feedback on their websites and social media pages, they can even give you the contact information of their past clients to confirm the quality of their work and provide answers to any questions you may have.
  4. ExperienceA good photographer must be able to work well under pressure. While making your list you can to choose to add a wedding photographer that has worked at an event you have been to as you would have seen them work and see how they react to situations, how they interact with people, not just the bride and groom. That could help you decide if they can be considered or not. Ask how many weddings they have covered. It will give you an idea of the experience they have although don’t forget that experience isn’t everything. Some photographers may have little experience but take amazing photographs and have great personalities.
  5. StyleThe style of a photograph says something about the groom and the bride. Know what you like and what you want. A photographer’s work should capture your attention. Check whether the quality of their images is consistent in their posts or if it is just in some images. Ask yourself if you want a photographer who captures moments or one who asks for you to pose for every shot.
  6. Set-Up InterviewsFinally! You meet the photographers you have in mind. Take them to the wedding venue, listen to their ideas for their pictures. Let them meet the wedding planner(if there is one), they should also meet the decorator; it is important they know each other. Tell them what you envision for your wedding. If the photographer is booked on your wedding date, he or she may even be able to recommend someone else for you. It is important for the team handling your wedding to know one another to foster teamwork and give you the best result.
  7. Look At Their Full Wedding AlbumsWhat the photographer may have posted on their page was edited. Looking at full wedding albums helps you see different angles and you can see what a complete collection of the photos would look like after the wedding. Compare to see if random pictures in the album are as good at those he or she posted on their social media pages as highlights.  If yes, then you have yourself a good photographer. Check pictures from weddings with similar settings of yours and decide if you like the creativity behind the pictures, the lighting, the style, and quality.
  8. Photographer’s PersonalityWithin a few minutes of talking to the photographer, you should know if you like him or her or not. Do you have a connection? Do you see eye to eye? Are you comfortable around him or her? Is he or she approachable? Your wedding guests should be at ease around your photographer as well. He or she should be friendly. They should be able to blend in and capture your day just as you want it. Meet with your photographer a few more times before your wedding day to form a bond and create an understanding.
  9. Sign A ContractMost people may not consider this important but it really is. A contract will contain a detailed account of services the photographer will provide and the amount he or she will be paid. This prevents any misunderstandings. Protect yourself and your photographer. Every single detail of your agreement should be included in the contract right from the hours the photographer will work down to the number of pictures he or she will give you whether in softcopy or hardcopy. Be smart and work with a photographer who has the experience and solid references. Avoid “stories that touch“.
  10. Trust Your Photographer And Enjoy Your Wedding Day!Before your wedding day, you should have formed a bond with your photographer. Trust him or her to capture your day the way you want. You will be at peace knowing that you are backed up by a contract. Have a broad and confident smile on your face and have fun. Let the photographer do their job. Later, smile with satisfaction when you go through your wedding album after your big day.

    Don’t forget to recommend your photographer and leave your comment or feedback as the case may be on his or her website or social media platforms.

    Any of these tips may come before the other. You must not follow them as they are written. We really hope these tips help you find the best photographer to capture your wedding beautifully. Pictures have the power to move you, evoke your emotions, make you tear up, smile and cry.  You can’t be everywhere during your wedding, you can’t see everything that happens, every moment that occurred; but with the right photographer, you will feel like you were there for it all. A picture is worth a thousand words, you don’t need a thousand words to show the love you have for your soulmate…You just need one picture to say it all.

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