Wedding Photos Of Dainty & Marc As Groom Narrates How They Met


The GROOM’s Story

One night I was sitting having a couple drinks with some work friends meeting some new colleagues for the first time, I went into a house to use the loo and just happened to glimpse upon this girl walking down the hall. Even in a t-shirt and shorts looking like we had been keeping her awake with our drinking I was stunned and couldn’t get my words straight. I ran back to my coworkers made my excuses and left , literally couldn’t sleep that night thinking about this beautiful girl I had just met.
Next morning I’m the only person heading to work on the company bus and I see her again on her way out , I shout at the driver to stop and then scream at the security guys to ask her for her number , somehow they convinced her to hand it over and with a little piece of paper in hand my bus left.
When I reached work I pulled out my little note to try and call but the number wouldn’t connect, great I thought she gave me a wrong number just to get rid of me. Gutted I started work and tried to forget about it. Later while chatting with a friend I confessed what had happened and he was laughing at me for some reason I showed him the number and he said try again you know how the cell service is here , so I did. While calling the number my friend actually noticed that what I was typing as a 2 looked more like a 7 to him so I decided to start changing the numbers that looked as if they could be wrong and just send texts to see if there was any kinda response.
Unbelievably I got a response (eventuary ) and the rest as they say has been an amazing tale of romance , excitement , laughter and love 💕

Ps I still have the piece of paper 📝

IMG_9444 IMG_9290 IMG_9233 IMG_9163 IMG_9149 IMG_9083 IMG_9056 IMG_9050 IMG_8884 IMG_8740 IMG_8687 IMG_8624 IMG_8621 IMG_8594 IMG_8585 IMG_8526 IMG_8499 IMG_8495 IMG_8437

Dress: @bibilawrence
Makeup: @genoveramakeovers
Decor: @awesomeeventz
Gele: @ibphilstouch
Accessories: @dexterous_sheila_miliner
Photography: @sykesjay
Planner: @nnl_eventz @wellingtonevents_
Dj: @iamdjpeejay
Groom’s fabric: @george_by_ruverodesigns
Groom’s outfit: @aniferaz
Security: @u3usecurityserviceslimited

Photo Assistant : @frankiefrankphotos @bayo_ntuk_photography

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