“When Life Gives You Lemon, Don’t Make Lemonades” By Asiya Umar


I have been feeling a lot of emotions lately and not just because my boyfriend of many years had decided he was not feeling the relationship anymore but because I felt like time was running out and soon enough there will be no love for a girl like me. In our part of the world, we are literally pressured into thinking that with time you fade away or if some things don’t happen for you at a certain period then it’s never gonna happen anymore. In essence, sometimes when you have missed the train, then you’re never going to get on the road.

Life is like a moving train, this is a new one you may wonder but what comes to mind when you hear these words? In the concept of a moving train, passengers and stops are common, these passengers give the train a reason to move and the stops signify the end of a journey or the beginning of another. We are all on a journey and some want to make it to the end while another group haven’t quite figured out what they are doing.

I had a lot of time to ponder on my situation, and as alone and sad as I felt, some things began to make sense as to why we are so insecure about our personalities, or to how we were ready to reduce ourselves to items that feeds the society’s ego or even to neglect our journey just to be on another person’s own, it came with the realization that we are always ready to take whatever life throws at us.

They say that ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ while forgetting that lemons aren’t made for only lemonade, you could make chapman or even use it in your beauty routine, if that doesn’t work out you could always demand something else from life because it’s your journey and only you get to decide where this train is going and you may get lost along the road, remember that you have to be strong and find your way again. Own your life and don’t accept lemons if you don’t want to, and most importantly only you get to decide the nature of your journey.

Asiya Umar.

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  1. Great article. Good to understand for everyone.

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