Single Ladies: How Do You Know He’s ‘The One’ By Ummuhani Ozavize


To the single ladies, do you see a couple and just wonder “how did this woman know this would be her husband”? Well I have, a lot. I have met most women who would say the moment they started dating their husband (then boyfriend) they knew they would marry him.

Some would even say the first moment they met him they knew they would marry him, like Damilola Adegbite that said when she saw Chris Attoh for the first time, she went home and told her Mum she had met her husband. I now begin to wonder, what is it that makes them know? Like is this some other spiritual Enigma, or just another wonder of the world!

As a member of the single girls community, I can’t help but imagine it as a divine “electric shock” or special butterflies in the belly to know that this guy is the ONE!


I acknowledge that people get intuitions and have instincts on what to do, who to be with, on making choices in general. I know there are times you meet a guy and you just know nothing can work out, he may seem perfect, but you are just not feeling him. That is intuition.

Same way you meet some guys, and you easily become friends, and you sometimes even fantasize marrying him, you start imagining yourself looking beautiful in your dream wedding dress and the guy looking dapper in his outfit, that is also intuition and then you date him and discover that all that glitters is not gold. But knowing this is the guy I would MARRY! That is huge and deep! Like how do you know you can spend the rest of your life with this person? Do all ladies have this intuition? How do you trust your intuition won’t be wrong?
Almost all married women would say “you would know, you would just know” and I’m like “Biko how will I know” because I thought I knew with my ex, and now he’s my ex, and they would still reply with “you would just know”. Some would go on and gist you the love story and how they knew he was going to be their husband on different basis.

Some would say I enjoyed his company, he cared for me so much, he respected me so much, he was my best friend, I trusted him a lot, he treated people around very well, he made me want to be a better person, we saw life from the same angle, he made me feel like myself around him and I knew I could live forever with him, amongst sooo many other basis. While to some it was more superficial, like he was so cute, his nose was so pointed, he was so tall, his teeth were so white and so on. There was one that told me they broke up and got back so many times she just knew she would marry him.
I can’t help but wonder the scary part of this feeling, like I said how do you trust that your intuition won’t be wrong. What about people with failed marriages, people that were love birds until few months into their marriage? Could it be that their intuition was wrong, or that they didn’t even have an intuition at all, or they ignored it because of other compelling factors, or fate just played them? These are questions that makes members of the single girls community quiver. Let someone not think she’s marrying jollof rice with grilled chicken, salad and cold orange juice, then the person turns out to be spoilt beans with egg, bitterleaf and soured zobo. I can’t shout!
In conclusion, it is true that there is this feeling of knowing THE ONE. One must however put wisdom in it and most importantly pray the intuition would be right.

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