“Where Happiness Lies” By Sadiq Onini Salamat


As human beings, we are in an endless search for happiness. We seek fulfilment at all times. We want to live a life filled with smiles and laughter. Yes, we want to be happy.

We all deserve to be happy, don’t we? However, a good number of people haven’t quite achieved the ‘happiness’ they seek and maybe it is because they have looked upon happiness as the things they see on Instagram; pre-wedding photos and good food, surprise parties and trips to Italy; fried plantain and pounded yam; new cars and weddings and anniversaries, the list is endless.

So, you opened your Instagram yesterday, Chinenye is getting married, and Tosin’s boyfriend proposed to her with a new car, and Adama’s daughter will be five tomorrow. The photos are all beautiful. They must be really happy, you think as you scroll through the timeline. So, where does your happiness lie?
Happiness lies in beautiful sunsets, and trying new things. Happiness lies in watching Home Alone for the 27th time and laughing with people you love.

Happiness is listening to your favorite song on a music player, and smiling because you know all the lyrics to it. Happiness is trying a new recipe and moving on, after that terrible breakup.

Happiness is telling your sisters about the love of your life and feeling confident. Happiness is DIY face masks and trying out new lipstick. Happiness is rolling your eyes at your boyfriend, and smiling immediately after.

Happiness is buying a new dress for your girlfriend, even though it leaves you with just three thousand naira in your account but you know how wide her smile will be when the dress is delivered to her doorstep.
Happiness is eating that extra slice of cake, even though you are on a diet. Happiness is picking a new perfume and taking pictures. Happiness is buying your friends dinner and getting a new phone. Happiness is a baby’s hand curled around your finger and laughing with your family.

Happiness is going to airports and spending the day at the beach. Happiness is reading your favorite book again. Happiness is dancing in the shower. Happiness is the patter of little feet around the house.
Your happiness is yours alone. It is your choice to make. Nobody can make you happy, unless you decide to be. Your happiness can only come from you, not to you. Your happiness is yours.

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